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Lisbon's Portrait and Fashion Photographer

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my website!

Take a look at my photographs, you be will drawn to the eyes immediately.

Each face has a story!

Headshots and larger portraits include fashion consultation, props, hair, makeup, lighting and staging. My goal is to support you in all of the technical details so that once the shoot begins, all you have to think about is the lovely conversation that goes on between faces, and the fun of the creative process. I offer:

• Headshots for individuals

• Corporate Headshots

• Family portraits

• Couples portraits

I am located in County Meath, Ireland, but I travel to Louth, Dublin and to close Counties. 

Creative & Editorial

I studied theatre both in Turkey, and in Canada and found my great love of moments. In theatre, you construct a moment, each prop or element holding meaning and lending emotion to the story.

I see photography with those eyes. Each creative shoot is a scene to me, and each element adds to the overall feeling and purpose of the shot. I tend to focus on…

• Mood / Atmosphere

• Staging, getting each detail to fit together into a whole

• Expression, not just of the face but of the body

I’ve done Editorial, or “published” shots for…

• Magazines

• Posters and brochures

• Websites


For my own wedding, I ended up picking the photographer with the warmest brightest smile. I knew the day would be epic, enormous in my life and that the closest people to us would be there. It was daunting to think about throwing a stranger into that mix and hoping that they would not only capture it, but bring their own joy and light to the process.

I always think about this when I’m hired for a wedding. Not only do I want to take the best shots possible of everyone in a short amount of time, I want to do this with a calm, warm manner that allows each person to relax and feel taken care of.

In my galleries, you’ll see that I’ve done many wedding styles, such as...

• Classic / Black and White

• Non-traditional

• Multi-cultural

• Romantic

My focus is not on the style that I want to shoot; my focus is on you and your vision of who you are and who you are becoming at this pivotal moment of your lives.

My Overall Goal

I want to bring technical skill together with warmth and style to bring out the best in people and capture those moments on film. We are always reinventing who we are, and photos are one way to share that with the world.

If you would like me to photograph you, your wedding or family, please get in touch via; cberkphotography@gmail.com 

Tesekkurler! (Thank you!)=)


Hailey Gerrits Designs Spring 2014 by Chara Berk Photography

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