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What did I do for my own wedding?

For my own wedding, I ended up picking the photographer with the warmest brightest smile. I knew the day would be epic, enormous in my life and that the closest people to us would be there. It was daunting to think about throwing a stranger into that mix and hoping that they would not only capture it, but bring their own joy and light to the process.

I always think about this when I’m hired for a wedding. Not only do I want to take the best shots possible of everyone in a short amount of time, I want to do this with a calm, warm manner that allows each person to relax and feel taken care of.

In my galleries, you’ll see that I’ve done many wedding styles, such as...

• Classic / Black and White

• Non-traditional

• Multi-cultural

• Romantic

My focus is not on the style that I want to shoot; my focus is on you and your vision of who you are and who you are becoming at this pivotal moment of your lives.

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